Frequently asked questions

What is a Dental Prosthetist (DP)?

  • What is a Dental Prosthetist (DP)?

    A Dental Prosthetist (DP) is a qualified and skilled member of the dental profession specifically trained to construct, fit and maintain dentures and all other professional denture care services. DP's also provide custom fitted sports mouthguards allowing the cost to be claimed from your private health fund.

How often should I clean my denture?

  • How often should I clean my denture?

    Your denture should be cleaned at least twice a day and after eating, when necessary.  Always remove your denture for cleaning and ensure you also brush your gums to stimulate blood circulation.  We recommend you DO NOT clean your dentures with toothpaste as most toothpastes have an abrasive effect on dentures.  Use a soft brush with soapy water and don't scrub too hard as this may cause grooves in the surface of your denture thereby allowing stains or plaque to build up.  Zillmere Denture Clinic has a range of denture cleaning products available for sale. 

    If plaque builds up or your dentures become stained and you can't remove this with conventional methods, please call Zillmere Denture Clinic on (07) 3265 7652 and book an appointment for a professional ultra-sonic denture clean. 

How do I adapt to my new denture?

  • How do I adapt to my new denture?

    Your patience and tolerance of your new denture will be made much easier when you understand that your denture is a substitute for no teeth, not a substitute for natural teeth. It is ideal if you can leave your denture in your mouth for the first few days and only remove it for cleaning and if it is causing serious pain or soreness. Often by persevering for a week or two most problems will settle on their own, thus allowing them to adjust naturally. Wearing dentures is a learned process not an instinct with which we are born. Reading out aloud or singing will allow your tongue to adjust to the new denture therefore your speech will become more natural.

How often should I have my denture checked by a Dental Prosthetist?

  • How often should I have my denture checked by a Dental Prosthetist?

    To keep your denture in a healthy state, at Zillmere Denture Clinic we suggest you have your denture professionally cleaned once a year. It is essential that you have the fit of your denture checked every two years. We will provide you with an assessment of your denture and a quotation for any necessary service. Regular maintenance and check-ups will ensure the maximum life expectancy for your denture. If you have a few remaining natural teeth and you require a new partial denture, it is preferable if you visit your dentist for an examination and clean before visiting Zillmere Denture Clinic.

Warning to all acrylic denture wearing peppermint eaters!

  • Warning to all acrylic denture wearing peppermint eaters!

    Peppermint oil found in peppermint lollies has been found to dramatically wear away acrylic denture teeth, thus reducing the life and chewing ability of your denture.

If you can't find the answers to your denture questions on our website please feel free to contact Zillmere Denture Clinic, (07) 3265 7652, and we will be more than happy to assist you.