Are you looking for new dentures?

Our Services

  • Always welcome new patients.
  • Construct full upper and full lower Australian made dentures onsite by our Dental Prosthetist Denise Toovey.
  • Construct partial upper and partial lower dentures with and without clasps (wires).
  • Construct acrylic, chrome (metal) and flexible dentures.
  • Denture repairs - reattach denture teeth, replace denture teeth and repair fractures.
  • Denture relines - (refit) loose dentures.
  • Professional ultrasonic denture clean and polish.
  • Add denture teeth to partial dentures to replace extracted natural teeth.
  • Adjustment of ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures causing sore spots and inability to chew adequately.
  • Construct Airguards and sports mouthguards (available in various colour combinations).
  • Accept all private health fund claims and Department of Veterans' Affairs gold card claims.
  • Able to give denture related private health fund quotes for over 27 health funds through our HICAPS terminal.  Please give us a call on 3265 7652 to check if your health fund participates in this scheme.
  • Autoclave sterilisation of all instruments - we follow the Infection Control Guidelines set down by the Dental Board of Australia.
  • Welcome any denture related questions. 
  • Products for sale - Denture Brushes, Caldent Denture Cleaner, Denture & Mouthguard boxes, Erskine Dental & Oral B Toothbrushes and Olivafix Natural Denture Adhesive - see below for more information.


Denture Adhesives (Denture Glue) 

With age, your mouth will continue to change as bone under your denture shrinks or recedes.  Over time, dentures can become loose and may need refitting or replacing.

If you are a singer/musician or if public speaking is your speciality then you can benefit from using a denture adhesive for extra security.  Perhaps you have a lack of saliva in your mouth or have very little tissue covering your jaw bone, then denture adhesives can also be helpful.

Denture adhesive works best when the denture is well-fitted.  Before using a denture adhesive for the first time we suggest having the fit of your denture assessed at Zillmere Denture Clinic especially if they are not as comfortable as they used to be.


Olivafix Denture Adhesive (Natural olive oil based denture adhesive cream) - available at Zillmere Denture Clinic - $10.50.

  • Free from zinc, petrochemicals and parabens (preservatives).
  • 35% olive oil.
  • Long lasting 24 hour hold.
  • Dermatologically safe.

Olivafix application instructions:-

  • Clean and wet the denture before applying Olivafix.
  • Apply to the fitting surface of the denture with a small instrument.  You will need to experiment with how much you may require to use depending on how long you need the adhesive to be effective. Recommend starting with a small amount and increase if necessary.
  • Have a small sip of water to moisten your gums.
  • Place your denture in your mouth and maintain pressure for a few seconds.
  • Avoid food and drink for a maximum of 20 minutes or until the adhesive has bonded to the gum.
  • Olivafix usually removes easily from your denture and gums.  However, it may be necessary to remove any residue with a small amount of olive oil on a cotton bud.


Visit to Zillmere Denture Clinic by the CEO of the ADPA (Australian Dental Prosthetists Association)

Please click on the following link to see an article written by Jeremy Irvine, CEO of the ADPA (peak body representing the interests of Australian Dental Prosthetists and their patients) relating to his recent visit to Zillmere Denture Clinic.


Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)

Zillmere Denture Clinic is a registered provider for denture services to DVA gold card patients.  If you are having problems with your present dentures we would be happy to call DVA on your behalf to check if you are eligible for the denture services necessary to improve the fit and comfort of your denture. 

Gold Card patients who are aged over 80 years of age can access transport to and from their denture appointments through the Department of Veterans' Affairs.  We can also contact DVA on your behalf, to make a transport booking. 


Department of Health and Ageing

For the latest health and ageing news for all Australians from the Australian Government, please click on the following link then scroll down to the 'Latest News' box on the right hand side of the page.